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I'm so sorry for all that's happened. What an awful year! Lily Bee will be missed. Wishing you a new year filled with many more ups than downs and peace.

Sandra F

I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear about all your family illness, and my heart goes out to you. Please take the time to care and look after yourself. I know it must have been a difficult decision but it sounds like the right one to me. Get well and re focus. X


What a sad, sad day... My heart goes out to you and your family! Take all the time you need to take care of yourself. I'll be here waiting for you to come back <3 I am going to miss Lily Bee :-(

Tarrah McLean

Kristen, how devastating for you and your family...please take care and all our thoughts and prayers are with you....big hugs to you and no we won't forget LilyBee xxx

Toni From

I am so sorry to hear that, take care of yourself and your family. We'll be here when you come back.

Monique liedtke

I'm so very very sorry to hear this. What an awful time for you and your family! Wishing you all a very quick recovery and lots of happiness xoxo!
And keeping you in my thoughts. Going to miss Lily Bee terribly! But I'll wait patiently for your return. Hugs!

Danielle de Konink

I'm so sorry to hear all this Kristen, you and your family have been through a lot these last couple of years! Even though we will all miss Lily Bee, you have made the right decission. You need to think about yourself and your family now. When the time is right, I know you'll come back better than ever! hugs

Julie Tucker-Wolek

I am so sorry that you and your family had such a rough and hard year ... I am glad your Mom is ok! I will miss Lily Bee but totally understand your decision ... we will be here for your return! :)


OH no, I am so sorry! Hugs!

Tegan Skwiat

My heart goes out to you and your family. Maybe some rest and time to take care of yourself is just what you do need. I am sending well wishes and lots of hugs your way. Take care of yourself and your family and when you are ready to make pretty things again, I am sure your Lily Bee fans will still be there. ((hugs))


My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Becky Williams

We will never forget Lily Bee and the beautiful, unique products you brought to the scrappy worlld! I sure hope you are able to come back to the industry down the road but for now wish you the very best, Kristen, for you and your family and your health.

Ujjwal Goel

Ohh, this is so sad and something I never expected. But my heart goes out to you, just reading all that you have been through has made my heart heavy. You are so brave for having dealt with it and keeping on all the work. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I wish you and your mother recover soon and feel better and that Lilybee Designs comes back with a bang!

I will be waiting to see ya back. {{HUGS}}

Janet Zeppa

What a soldier you have been! You definitely have made the right decision because in the long run it is your health and family that are important. Your Lily Bee fans will be here for you whatever path you choose in the future. HUGS!!


I hope you take the time you need to heal and take care of yourself. Beyond that, know you are strong and well loved. And your fans will be here when you are ready to return.

Adrienne Alvis

Big hugs to you and your family, Kristen! You're putting you and your family first and that is the most important thing. You will come back stronger and better than ever and all of your fans will be here when that day arrives! Best wishes! xo

Amy Coose

I am broken hearted over this news, as Lilybee is one of my favorite companies out there, but you and your family come first. Just take the time you need, and we'll be here when you're ready to come back!!!

Nicole N.

I am sorry for all that you have gone through this past year and think you are doing the right thing! I know how tough this was for you to decide and I hope you take the time you need with your family! I can't wait for you to be back in action though too - will be watching for that :)


Kristen, dear, take care of yourself and family. I had no idea how rough the last year had been. You all are in my thoughts. I will always love Lily Bee. Hugs


I am so glad you are doing what is eat Kristen. Prayers for a better 2014 and that the break will do you and your family good. Thank you for the year and a half and giving me a break in the industry. Will always love LB.


I am so sorry to hear about all of the health struggles you and your family have been dealing with this year. A break sounds like it is the right decision for you and your family. While I will miss Lily Bee, I will eagerly look forward to its return!


I wish you the very very best. I love your papers (I also have 3 boys...) and hope you will come back soon, but take care of you first !

Heather Leopard

Much love, health and happiness to you and your family, Kristen. I hope you know I love ya and wish you a wonderful 2014!!!

Diana Fisher

I am so sorry for your struggles the past year. I can't imagine the toll it has taken on you emotionally and physically. We're here for you when you are ready to start your adventure back up again. If you need anything, let me know!

Stacia Brandt

Gosh, I can't say how sorry I am to hear that! I hope that things look up for you soon. I will look forward to when Lily Bee is able to come back! I've loved working with your products and hope to be able to do that again!

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