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Katherine Sutton

Beautiful - love the colours - How about "Summer Breeze" or "Happy Days"?


It feels (and looks) like it should be called "New Day" or "Brand New Day." Happy, Excitement and Refreshing are a few words that come to mind when looking at this collection. That's also how I feel when I find myself at a positive turning point in my life or sometimes simply looking forward to Summer Saturdays. I hope this makes sense! Best Wishes!


Okay, so I just reread my comments above and I would like to throw into the pot "Summer Saturdays"

Kayla F.

How about "Summer Days" or "Summertime Love" I love the Butterfly paper!

Jeannine H.

How about "Backyard Picnic", "Lovely Day" or "Warm Weather" ?

Miriam Prantner

I like Picnic in the Park or Lazy Days

Jessica Pascarella

Summer Dreams, Dreamsicle


How about:
A Breath of Fresh Air
Spring Breeze

Diana Fisher

How about Fresh and Fancy? :)

Sue Althouse

Hmmm...so far you've got Everyday and Bare Necessities...how about Carefree?

Sandi Pressley

My suggestion would be Sunday Afternoon. It really is a lovely collection.


Very pretty! What about Fresh Bliss or just Blissful?

Tara Chaussee

How about 'Summers at Grandma's" That's what it makes me think of.

snazzy jj

How about "Step into Spring". Love this line. Great idea asking for name suggestions. So many good ones. Can't wait to see which one you pick.

Cathy Green

My name is 'Ice-cream Sunday'. Love this collection!

Patty Folchert

A few that come to mind:
Sunshine Veranda
Sunshine Gazebo
or just Veranda or Gazebo

Missy Whidden

This is awesome! It reminds me of summer and relaxing...how about "Refreshing" or "Relax" or "Take it Easy"?


how about love summer : )


Lovely collection - I would suggest "Ice-creams & Butterflies" :-)


Afternoon Picnic :)

Denise Price

My suggestion is "Flutter."

Anna van der Steege

Nice collection. I was thinking of summer party or dancing in the sun.


Double Dip


Sunlit? or High Noon?



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