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Judith Armstrong

My suggestion is 'Carefree'

Kelly Massman

Celebrate Life

Beth E.

"Round We Go"


Fancy Free.


Lovely papers....how about "Summer feelings"...

Laura Whitaker

Looks super cute, how about "rainbows and ice cream cones" . Have a great day!

Beatrice Lawson

Summer Bliss
I also like Easy Breezy but not sure if you can use a partial Maybeline tag line.
Or combine the first two into a Summer Breeze. The butterflies and ice cream cones just say summer living to me...

Jean Marmo

Summetime memories.

Love it!

Allison Cope

Butterflies and Buttercups

Allison Cope

Summer Flick

Pam Callaghan

Sooo pretty!!!
Whimsical Dreamer
Summer fresh
Parkview Lane

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Loving this collection ... I would suggest "Summer Breeze," "Snippets & Butterflies," "Summer Bliss," or "Summer Blues."

Margaret James

Love your collection
How about "Lazy Summer Days" for a title

Kim M

My Happy Place

Jessy Christopher

Such pretty papers! Love the colors! These are my suggestions...

"Sweet Life"
"Hurrah for spring"

Melissa Kaye

I like the idea of "The Good Ole' Days" or something along that line. I see a lot of these and they make me think of summer, but not this summer...summer from years past! Very cute!

Anna Ekman

Picnic pastry, picnic tartlet, summer tartlet, summer pastry, picnic blanket, summer lemonade & picnic blanket.
Lovely patterns on the papers!

Laura Turcotte

For some reason, when I see these beautiful designs, those lyrics, 'These are a few of my favorite things' from the Sound of Music. So, maybe 'Favorite Summer Things'?

Jenni Calma

It is so much fun! I adore the butterfly print! My suggestion is 'Kalidescope.'

Andrea Friebus



My suggestion: Summer Giggles.
The papers made me smile then giggle...and they are all so summery!

Melinda Wilson

A Day at the Park or Children's Play

leeann pearce

"Pattern lane"

leeann pearce

"huba huba"

Robin B.

Spring Fever or Butterfly Garden.

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